A Short Story by Zhuorong Lao ('17)

            He is on the road to work. “What is it going to be today?” he asks himself. Everyday is the same. Everything is the same. Everything is repeating. “Where am I?” he asks himself. “Am I going the right way?” He must be, he thinks, because he is going to work. “Hey A!” he yells out. It is A, “But, I am A. Who am I calling?” he asks himself. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to work, right? If I am going to work, everything is fine.”

            They go across so many hills, but they have to be very careful, because the surface is very fragile. “It’s here,” he tells A. “This is the place that we need to repair.” They get to work, but what do they need to repair? There is nothing that they can repair.

“No, there is!” he says. “There is a hole over there, a great hole.” Oh, yes. There is a hole, and they are going to repair the hole, but how? I never learned how to repair a hole in the ground. I’m a computer major. “It’s fine!” he says. “Since you are working, everything is fine, this is your work. If you are working, everything is fine!” “Yes,” I tell myself, “that is what I need to do.”

            Inside the hole, there is a yolk. It’s very healthy. Eggs have always been my favorite food! “No, we need to repair this egg!” he says. Yes, we need to repair this egg. What am I doing?! How can I want to eat this lovely egg?! We get to work. We use glue, then cement, and, here we go, we fix the egg!

            “Oh my God, what are you doing? Come and fix the ground!” he yells at me. “I’m fixing it!” I say. Then I try to fix the ground. But wait! It’s not a ground, it’s the egg. There are so many eggs! The chicks are hatching!  “Oh, my God, they are hatching!” I yell out. I start to run, but what about my work? Whatever. I run at once, as the giant chicks are hatching. They are so horrible!

            I keep running. When I reach the hills, the chicks are gone. I have to fix the hole, but why? Whatever. Since I am working, everything is fine. It is just another day. Everything is the same. Everything is repeating.