ACES Tips from an Upperclassman: How to Find Campus Employment By Rono Hem


           As a college student the two prevailing thoughts roaming around your head might be: How much does college cost and how do I pay for it? So finding employment must be rather high on your list of priorities. On campus work is particularly sought after because it is something you can do in between classes or even common hour.
            The process of acquiring on campus employment is very different for green card holding students and F1 visa international students. For permanent resident (green card holding) “internationals,” the process can be as simple as contacting a department to see if there is space available for a student employee and then having the department supervisor direct you to the Financial Aid Office where someone will help you with the entire process.
            For F1 visa-holding students, you will have to similarly seek out availability for international students at a department. After they give you verbal confirmation that they can employ you, you will have to get a letter from the International Admissions Office (see Kean Hawker, Assistant Director of Student Life). Afterwards, you must to take this letter to the Human Resources Office and ask for an employee packet. If you don’t have a Social Security Card, you will need to apply for one (Ms. Hawker can help you with this). Your Social Security card will take more than a week to arrive. Some departments may let you start work while you wait for your Social Security Card. Please check with your supervisor to make sure. After your Social Security Card arrives, you must submit the entire employee packet and the letter from Ms. Hawker to Human Resources and start work at your department.


1.     Search for work as early as possible. Most student worker positions become occupied within the first few week(s) of the semester. The Financial Aid Office can help direct you to the department person you must speak with to see if there is any available space.

2.     The top departments for student workers are: the IT Department, the Art Department, the Biology Department, the Chemistry Department and the Admissions Office.

3.     The Biology/Chemistry department usually hires Bio/Chem majors. You may have an easier chance finding employment in those departments if you belong to those majors.

4.     Most departments will usually have you start out with 6 hours and work your way up to 10 hours per week. IT will usually allow you the most hours of any department. Some students may work an average of 15 hours weekly by their sophomore year.

If you are an F1 student worker, be sure to fill out your time sheets bi-weekly and submit them to the Human Resources Office to receive your paycheck.