Restaurant Review: "Dinner At Nine Thai" by Sahar Rahmani ('18)


On Thursday, April 7th, some of the ACES students joined Professor Murtha to go see Antlia Pneumatica, a play written by Anne Washburn, but first, as always, food. Everyone loves food. As usual, we all met at the ACES center around 5:00 pm. Once everyone had gathered, we took off and walked to the train. There were eleven of us, including Professor Murtha. The train ride on the G was quite interesting; we were all busy chit-chatting with one another. In fact, Fanni and I were so consumed in the conversation we were having that we almost missed the stop! When we got onto the next train, Professor Murtha made sure to make eye contact with Fanni so that we didn’t miss our stop, again. Not to mention, Digna had to face an angry gamer to get a seat for Susan. We thank her for being such a nice friend. And Digna, it wasn’t your fault that he lost in his game.

The restaurant we went to is called At Nine. It’s a very nice, dimly lit, classy, Thai restaurant with white and purple tree branches on the walls. I, and I’m sure a few others, had to take a moment to observe the setup of the restaurant. Once we were seated and made ourselves comfortable, Professor Murtha had an announcement to make. A sad one. The announcement was that we would not have enough time for dessert. It took us all a moment to process those words, but I think we handled it pretty well.

Once we had ordered and were waiting on our food to arrive, we shared our thoughts on how the semester is going for all of us. As we were chatting, Fanni said that she has not been back to Hungary in four years. Hearing that, another student said that she had not gone back to Ukraine in five years. So I felt that I had to say something as well since we were going around, and I said that I have not been to Afghanistan in seven years. This surprised them, and it felt like I was the winner, though of what I'm not sure!

The food was really delicious. I tried the spicy fried-rice and chicken and some of us had the pineapple fried-rice, which they said was great. After some of us finished eating, while a few were still finishing their food, it was time for Digna’s ridiculous jokes. The ones that are usually so bad but you laugh anyway because they are silly. She tried telling a batman joke, which unfortunately none of us grasped the point of; this was when I joined her in sharing my jokes. One of the jokes was: why did the banana go to the doctor? (Because it wasn’t peeling well!) No one guessed it so I went ahead and shared the answer as I was laughing at my own joke. At this point, Digna joined me in laughing saying that she got it; eventually everyone at the table joined us in laughing at how ridiculous the joke was. But then again, that’s the best part!

Thanks Digna for being the only person to laugh at my jokes!